Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring in the 70's

I've completed the quilt top I started this week. I'm kinda liking it! Bran loves it. It looks like a giant spring Easter egg from the 70's. OK, I've got to admit this quilt is growing on me, and it was super fast to piece! I'm thinking about trying to put together my own tutorial for the quilt top. Sounds like a lot of work though, lol. Actually, I think I could do it - it would be the figuring out the yardage that would be the hard part for me. I always just fly by the seat of my pants as far as purchasing my own fabrics and the one time I actually tried to figure yardage for a project I was short. Way short. lol. Maybe I'll give the tutorial a try after I've completed the quilt. Tomorrow I'm going to get this quilt top on the quilting frame and start quilting. I promise not to be distracted by new ideas or other UFOs...maybe. :)


Karen said...

I'm kinda liking it too!!!

Karen said...

Thanks! :)