Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flickr Account Hijacked

My Flickr account has been hijacked! No no - it hasn't been hacked, it's been taken over by my husband's family. It's a good thing - for them, not so much for my photo stream. Bran's grandmother moved into an assisted living facility almost a year ago. The house she lived in she'd been in for 90 years. You read that right, 90 years. She grew up in the house, rented the house from her mother, and finally raised her own family in the house. It is beyond amazing to me that anyone would stay one exact location for that long. Talk about comfort zone.

When Bran and I were at her house helping, his aunt began pulling boxes and photo albums full of photos out. We agreed to scan the photos for the family. Little did I know what kind of work I was getting myself into. Anyone who thinks that Bran was going to scan the photos is kidding themselves - I'm the one who gets things done. lol. He's a good man, and he does plenty - and I mean PLENTY around here. (He vacuums, shampoos carpets, oils wood furniture! - I mean really he's a catch.) But he's not good with the long term projects. That's were I come in. I'm the queen of spending an hour a week on something until it's done.

So, slowly, the photos are being scanned. And, slowly, I'm uploading batches to my Flickr account. Sharing them there is really the easiest I think. Not everyone is going to want all the photos, and Flickr will allow family members to download the ones they want, or send them directly to be printed. In the meantime there are going to be big chunks of my husband's family in my photo stream.

Here's a cute snap from her set: Mimi at Disneyland 1970

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