Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evelyn Boyet's Photos

I'm scanning Mimi's photos a little at a time. Some of the photos may not be anything that anyone wants, but I'm not making that decision. The decision of what you'd like to have is entirely up to you.

Every one of the photos I've scanned are in a Collection on my Flickr account called "Evelyn Boyet's Photos". That collection is divided into 11 sets:

  1. Family - any family members not covered by other sets
  2. Evelyn and Charles - photos that contain either Evelyn or Charles
  3. Charlotte - photos that contain Charlotte or her family
  4. Ginger - photos that contain Ginger or her family
  5. Diane - photos that contain Diane or her family
  6. Lurtie - photos that contain Lurtie or the Percy family
  7. Snapshots
  8. Trips
  9. Friends - photos of people other than family
  10. Unidentified People - I apologize for not knowing everyone in the family and also of not always being able to distinguish between the three sisters when they're under the age of 20. Hopefully, with help, I can get these unidentified people sorted into their respective sets.
  11. Evelyn Boyet's Photos - a set that includes every photo in the collection

As of March 23, 2010 I've scanned and uploaded 300 photos and I am nowhere close to finishing. I'll continue to update the Collection and sets as I scan and upload the photos.

Instructions for saving the files you want directly from Flickr:
  • Go to my Flickr collection titled "Evelyn Boyet's Photos"
  • Select the set you would like to view
  • All the photos in the set will be displayed as a thumbnail. For a better viewing size of the photos in the set select "Detail" from the menu under the set title.

  • Select the photo you'd like to download
  • Select "All Sizes" from the menu above the photo
  • Select the size you'd like to download from the available sizes
  • Select "Download the [whatever] size"
  • This will open a file download window, select "Save"
  • Choose where you'd like the photo to be saved on your computer and click save

If you'd like a large group of photos, please let me know and I will burn you a disc (or discs) with the photos you'd like to have. Either let me know which entire set(s) you want or which individual photos by number. Please do not request this until the entire collection of photos have been scanned and uploaded.

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