Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Project

Last post I said I was going to participate in the latest Oh, Fransson quilt along. I purchased a jelly roll of Robert Kaufman pastels and thought I'd use vintage sheets. But, once the jelly roll was delivered I realized how nice it would look with some Munki Munki. So, I'm working on some ideas that will show my Munki Munki off (and some other Heather Ross I had stashed) and use the pastel jelly roll. I think I'll start cutting tomorrow. :)

The funny thing is, once I laid out all my Munki Munki fabric I realized that most of the fabrics relate to me personally. Not so much the regular Heather Ross, though I do love them all, but the Munki Munki fabric in particular.

My mom mailed me quilt top this week that she'd like me to quilt and bind for her. Guess I've got to get that started as well. She's also leaving it to me to get backing, binding, and batting for the quilt as well. Oh well, it's not like I needed an excuse to buy more fabric! :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here's to 2010!

I sure felt like I'd accomplished more than 10 quilts in 2009. In my defense though, I had pieced at least 2 large sized quilt tops that are still to be quilted. I'm currently working on quilting one of those two and the other is on the list to be completed next. So, those will be included in the completed quilts of 2010 group. lol.

In the next week or so I'm going to participate in another "Oh Fransson" quilt along. I just LOVE the look of her quilts. :) In fact the "Mix Tape" quilts that I've pieced 3 of in 2009 and helped my mom piece at Christmas this year are her design. I'm planning on using Jelly Rolls in pastels and vintage sheets for the blocks. Since the first quilt along I participated in I've become a huge fan of the vintage sheets. I'm totally loving the total 70's vibe they have. :) I'm kinda missing that avocado green stove and oven I had in Corpus Christi! I knew then they'd be in vogue again someday. lmao.

So in the first week of January I made the adorable baby quilt posted below. I thought I'd give it as a gift, but I think I'll be posting it for sale instead in my Etsy shop. I'm not sure that the recipient would have appreciated it. You know the type...

I turn 40 tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

Mom and Dad came out for Christmas this year and are leaving tomorrow. Boohoo. :(

We celebrated Christmas together on New Year's Eve. Let me tell you...celebrating Christmas on the 7th day of Christmas is FANTASTIC! We went to the mall on December 29th, it was empty and everything was on sale. Talk about stress free Christmas shopping!

Mom loved the Christmas Mix Tape quilt I made, so she raided my Christmas fabric stash and pieced her own. :) Yesterday I quilted it for her and today I finished the binding. It's adorable. A little "country" for my taste, but still adorable.