Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mix-Tape Quilt Complete

OK, so here it is, the completed Mix-Tape Quilt. I'm still working on another one. I'll probably have that one done in a couple weeks. I really hate working on quilts as big as this one, but I love them when they're done. Though, I almost always have a problem with the backs - part of the reason I don't do pieced backs. The backs always bunch up on me while I'm quilting and I get these puckers that end up being sewn over. They're a mess. I usually spend time picking stitches when I'm done and easing the fabric. Then once washed they look OK, but this one. This one is bad. So Bran gets it. I told him last week - you know what would stop this? A quilting frame! lol. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas. Probably about then I'll be bored with quilting though and will have moved on to something else. lol.

If you're interested in this pattern you can find it on Etsy in Oh, Fransson's shop. She's the bomb. The mack daddy bomb.