Sunday, August 23, 2009

Productive Weekend

I work from home. You may have already known that. Working from home has many MANY benefits. My favorite is that when lunchtime comes around I can turn on Court TV (TruTV), watch an hour of courtroom proceedings, eat a bite, and work on "stuff". I usually have Wednesdays and Fridays off, but I'm currently working at getting myself a surplus of days so that I can go to California for a month and not have to work the whole time I'm there. So, this last Friday I was working. At lunch I stopped and started cutting and piecing a Christmas "Mix-Tape" quilt (a jump start on Christmas). After my hour I went back to my desk and found myself making all sorts of crazy mistakes. Spelling, thinking, not thinking - whatever I was spending as much time correcting myself as I was working. Maybe I had that quilt on my mind... Whatever it was at 3:00 I gave up. I thought, "I'm not even supposed to be here today"! (This line must be whined like Dante Hicks). Two hours short of a full day of work I stopped working. I can work for 2 hours on the weekend when I'm "fresh". lol. So - I sat down and cut and pieced the rest of that Christmas quilt top. Took a little break to watch the rest of a movie I'd Tivo'd ("The Painted Veil" with Edward Norton. If you've seen the movie you'll understand why I watched it in two parts - good, but kinda slow.) Yeah, I cut and pieced that entire quilt top in an afternoon. I'm loving that Mix Tape quilt pattern. In my back room I have 2 plastic storage boxes of novelty Christmas fabric. I know it's cheesy - but I have a real soft spot for it. If you've seen my living room at Christmastime you'd understand why. Between the quick pattern and all that Christmas fabric I think there may be at least a couple more Christmas lap quilts made this year.

After the high of completing an entire quilt top in a day I thought that I should be working on something that's actually on my "roundtoit" list. I've had Bran's aunt's doll for almost two years now and all I've done is patch her. I gave myself a deadline to have this doll finished, otherwise she'll just sit around here forever (not that I'd complain). Two years is really too long to hold on to something you're working on for someone else. But, I'm doing all this work for free, she can just wait. lol. I plan on having the doll done for Thanksgiving this year. That will be the two year anniversary of her handing the doll over to me. Both of Diane's sons have had little girls this year and I was able to complete baby quilts for both of them - so I'll make this the year that the doll is finished as well. This week I started working on the doll's costuming. I started stockings earlier in the week, and yesterday I made most of the corset. I screwed up the corset once in the afternoon which forced me to stop in frustration for a couple hours. Frustrated because noooOOOoooo I couldn't screw up the lining from muslin, I had to screw up the outer part from a limited amount of vintage material. So at 11:00 pm last night I finished the bulk of the corset. It needs a little handwork done, then the corset will be complete. I took plenty of pictures - maybe someday I'll post a tutorial on making doll corsets.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm a reasonably intelligent person. Well, at least I believe that I am. So, how, after checking the remains of the linen I had from the last quilt top I completed am I short by 8 blocks? It's not much - but when I checked last night I thought I had more than enough - like twice as much as I needed. I must have been tired, or hungry, or possibly in need of a drink. Whatever it was I screwed up the numbers big time. I went to order more from and they're sold out. Well bummer. I have enough scraps to piece together what I need to get all 80 squares of this new hourglass quilt finished, so I guess I'll do that. I was going to post this quilt for sale, but if I have to scrounge for bits and pieces I guess I may just have to give this quilt away. Or, keep it for myself. I just won't feel right selling something I don't think is good enough.

I started the hourglass quilt yesterday, after I completed the "other" Mix Tape quilt top I've been working on. I need to get some fabric to back the latest Mix Tape quilt with. But, the person I'd really like to ask for their opinion is going to be the recipient. So now what?