Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Presently Again

So I finally got this cross-stitch in the mail and off to Jim! This is the piece I finished about 2 months ago...I was going to send it for Halloween, but I love giving gifts (almost as much as I love getting gifts) so I couldn't wait to send it. Then I found out that Jim's birthday was this month...perfect reason to send it! So, here it is!

I haven't gotten very much done this month. Maybe I have too many things going at once - but I haven't worked on any of them so that's not really an excuse for not finishing anything. lol. So, I guess I need to decide to work on something and focus on that for a little while.

Funny thing - me talking about having too many things going on at once because I'm thinking about learning how to play the viola da gamba. I play the viola - and no they're not that much alike despite the similarities in their names. Now I have to find someone in the area that may be able to help me. I understand that there was a woman that played the viola da gamba in the area before Katrina - but everyone I've talked to recently isn't sure if she's even around any longer. I've got a couple of numbers to see if I can't track someone down, so I guess I'll make that my next project - finding someone that can help me learn how to play the viola da gamba.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Independence Day 2008 is a sad day for my family. My husband's aunt passed away from cancer this morning. She was very loved by family and friends, of which there are many. May you be happier where you are now, Ginger.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Early Holiday

Bran and I had the day off today. Nothing like a four day weekend to get you all caught up on sleep and laundry! Ok, so I didn't do much sleeping, but I am doing laundry and I spent some time reading. I used to LOVE to read! I still do, I just don't read as much as I used to.

Also completed today was patching Diane's doll! Yay! She's completely patched and cleaned. Next step is undies and stockings. I'm still planning on making the corset/stand that I wrote about last post.

Speaking of dolls, I got to thinking this morning about all the green ware in my garage. I need to start cleaning and firing some porcelain. I so hate cleaning green ware though, and I'm too OC to let someone else do it for me. Guess I'll have to suffer through and get to cleaning. I've got a couple of Santa's I started cleaning last year. Maybe I'll pull those guys out and see how much work is left on them. Getting started on Santa now isn't such a bad idea - then he'll be done by Christmas time. At least that's the plan.

Earlier this morning I spent some more time scanning and posting family photographs to Flickr. The one posted to this blog entry is of my grandmother, taken in 1923, when she was 18 years old. Isn't she a cutie? There are some beautiful photographs of her. Of course I think all photographs of her are beautiful. Have I ever mentioned that she is one of my favorite people? Thinking about her makes me smile. Not to leave other friends and family out, I love them all, but there was some special bond between my grandmother Spore and me.