Friday, May 21, 2010

New Project

We all know I've got a million things going on at once. I really should be working on finishing the summer picnic quilt I started with Jim last fall. I've got quilt tops that need to be quilted. But, I've started a new project. This one's been on my mind for a year. A Halloween spiderweb quilt. I love Halloween novelty fabric almost as much as I love Christmas novelty fabric! Here's the beginning. I've got one done - probably about 35 to go, lmao.

You might have noticed I haven't posted in like a month. Bran and I went on a cruise the end of last month and I was swamped with work the week before we left. We had a good time on the cruise, we went with a couple friends of ours and cruised from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Mexico, then the Bahamas. It was a blast. Here's a photo of the four of us.

When we got home I was swamped with work once again. Last week I was scheduled to train two customers one here and one in Texas. While I was in Corpus Christi to train the second scheduled customer our project manager called and asked me to stay to train another customer in Corpus Christi. This was OK with me as I was staying for the weekend anyways. I lived in Corpus for 7 years with my ex-husband, so it was nice to see the old gang, sans the ex-husband. He's living in Houston now. :) He and I are on good terms, he just wasn't in the area to join us.

I miss being on vacation and seeing my old Corpus Christi friends, but now I'm finally back home and working on my own projects.