Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doll Repair

At Thanksgiving of last year my husband's aunt asked if I would take a look at a doll she had. I took the doll home with me and after finally finishing up some other projects I'd been working on I took a look at her. She's in worse condition than I had remembered from the couple of minutes I spent looking at her at Diane's. Not only has her left arm fallen off but the leather body is torn at most of her joints. She looks as though she'd had some work done in the past, possibly in the 50's or 60's from the look, and the leather body had just been patched with what appears to be medical tape.

I removed her wig to take a look at any markings on her. She's simply marked with "10" both at the head and the bottom of the shoulder plate. The wig was synthetic, so obviously was replaced. When removing the small amount of clothes she had on I discovered that the over slip and socks were synthetic, again indicating they are not original to the doll. The underwear and the shoes both appear as though they may be original.

Diane's not a doll collector so I've decided to order some white kid leather and simply patch the leather body. Mohair wigs look so much nicer so I'll definitely replace the wig. My favorite part of making dolls is making the clothes - so this beautiful and lucky little lady will get a whole new wardrobe! She's going to receive new stockings, undergarments, corset, shoes, dress, and possibly a hat.

I'm so excited about this project!!! I can't wait for the leather to come in!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I finished my latest cross-stitch project today! The piece I did is still a big secret because it is a present...I'll post pictures after the package is received! woohoo!