Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring in the 70's

I've completed the quilt top I started this week. I'm kinda liking it! Bran loves it. It looks like a giant spring Easter egg from the 70's. OK, I've got to admit this quilt is growing on me, and it was super fast to piece! I'm thinking about trying to put together my own tutorial for the quilt top. Sounds like a lot of work though, lol. Actually, I think I could do it - it would be the figuring out the yardage that would be the hard part for me. I always just fly by the seat of my pants as far as purchasing my own fabrics and the one time I actually tried to figure yardage for a project I was short. Way short. lol. Maybe I'll give the tutorial a try after I've completed the quilt. Tomorrow I'm going to get this quilt top on the quilting frame and start quilting. I promise not to be distracted by new ideas or other UFOs...maybe. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Quilting Fun

OK, so I haven't gotten any of my quilt tops on the quilting frame. Is anyone really surprised? And, is anyone surprised that I've started a new quilt top? I purchased this fabric months ago with a very special someone in mind. The fabric was calling my name. Screaming my name... telling me I HAD to start cutting and sewing. lol.

Here's the plan: giant nine patches of Kaffe Fassett sashed in off white. I've got 5 of the 20 blocks completed and by tomorrow night I should have all the blocks finished. The finished quilt will be around 60x80. I know it's pretty big, but I figure if you're gonna make a quilt you might as well be able to sleep under it. :)

Meanwhile...I'm working on the quilt I started with Jim back in November and have at least four completed quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evelyn Boyet's Photos

I'm scanning Mimi's photos a little at a time. Some of the photos may not be anything that anyone wants, but I'm not making that decision. The decision of what you'd like to have is entirely up to you.

Every one of the photos I've scanned are in a Collection on my Flickr account called "Evelyn Boyet's Photos". That collection is divided into 11 sets:

  1. Family - any family members not covered by other sets
  2. Evelyn and Charles - photos that contain either Evelyn or Charles
  3. Charlotte - photos that contain Charlotte or her family
  4. Ginger - photos that contain Ginger or her family
  5. Diane - photos that contain Diane or her family
  6. Lurtie - photos that contain Lurtie or the Percy family
  7. Snapshots
  8. Trips
  9. Friends - photos of people other than family
  10. Unidentified People - I apologize for not knowing everyone in the family and also of not always being able to distinguish between the three sisters when they're under the age of 20. Hopefully, with help, I can get these unidentified people sorted into their respective sets.
  11. Evelyn Boyet's Photos - a set that includes every photo in the collection

As of March 23, 2010 I've scanned and uploaded 300 photos and I am nowhere close to finishing. I'll continue to update the Collection and sets as I scan and upload the photos.

Instructions for saving the files you want directly from Flickr:
  • Go to my Flickr collection titled "Evelyn Boyet's Photos"
  • Select the set you would like to view
  • All the photos in the set will be displayed as a thumbnail. For a better viewing size of the photos in the set select "Detail" from the menu under the set title.

  • Select the photo you'd like to download
  • Select "All Sizes" from the menu above the photo
  • Select the size you'd like to download from the available sizes
  • Select "Download the [whatever] size"
  • This will open a file download window, select "Save"
  • Choose where you'd like the photo to be saved on your computer and click save

If you'd like a large group of photos, please let me know and I will burn you a disc (or discs) with the photos you'd like to have. Either let me know which entire set(s) you want or which individual photos by number. Please do not request this until the entire collection of photos have been scanned and uploaded.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flickr Account Hijacked

My Flickr account has been hijacked! No no - it hasn't been hacked, it's been taken over by my husband's family. It's a good thing - for them, not so much for my photo stream. Bran's grandmother moved into an assisted living facility almost a year ago. The house she lived in she'd been in for 90 years. You read that right, 90 years. She grew up in the house, rented the house from her mother, and finally raised her own family in the house. It is beyond amazing to me that anyone would stay one exact location for that long. Talk about comfort zone.

When Bran and I were at her house helping, his aunt began pulling boxes and photo albums full of photos out. We agreed to scan the photos for the family. Little did I know what kind of work I was getting myself into. Anyone who thinks that Bran was going to scan the photos is kidding themselves - I'm the one who gets things done. lol. He's a good man, and he does plenty - and I mean PLENTY around here. (He vacuums, shampoos carpets, oils wood furniture! - I mean really he's a catch.) But he's not good with the long term projects. That's were I come in. I'm the queen of spending an hour a week on something until it's done.

So, slowly, the photos are being scanned. And, slowly, I'm uploading batches to my Flickr account. Sharing them there is really the easiest I think. Not everyone is going to want all the photos, and Flickr will allow family members to download the ones they want, or send them directly to be printed. In the meantime there are going to be big chunks of my husband's family in my photo stream.

Here's a cute snap from her set: Mimi at Disneyland 1970

Friday, March 19, 2010


Every once in a while I check my stats in Flickr for two things. One, photos that have had more than 100 views and two, photos that have been "Explored". Explore is a strange thing. She's kind of a flighty bitch who loves your photos one day and discards them the next. So, according to Big Huge Labs, I've had a total of 11 photos "explored". I'm kind of in shock to find that there are currently three lingering in her good graces. I'm very excited and honored that these photos have made Explore, but kind of mystified in a way as well. None of the photos are the best on my stream, maybe just the most interesting? Two of the photos are scanned copies of old family photos and the rest are of quilts and quilt tops. None are really what I would call Explore worthy - but I'll not complain, I'll take the compliment and run with it.

So, thank you all for viewing my photos, commenting on my photos, and fav'ing my photos, that's all got to be part of that Explore algorithm on Flickr. If you're interested, a full set of all my photos that have made Explore can be found here. I thought I'd work on some UFOs - I've got a TON. I need to get a quilt on the quilting frame and the machine in the cradle to get some quilt tops quilted. Unfortunately what I really want to do though is work on a quilt top that I started with my friend Jim back in November when I was in California. That quilt is calling to me... I'll keep you posted. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grumpy Princess

Hi all, happy St. Patrick's day!

Hubby asked for an Irish meal for dinner today. So I made him corned beef and colcannon. Earlier in the day I even made some Irish soda bread for him to have with his afternoon tea. What a lucky little turd he is. The things I do for that man on my day He's so nerdy cute that I just can't say no.

What I really want to show you is this print I just purchased from The Doom Girls' shop on Etsy. I found the shop on Badbird's blog, her stuff is cool - you should check it out. (And she has some frakkin fantastic free embroidery patterns). Anyways, I saw this little princess looking out at me from her shop and I had to have her. I'm quite well aware of my mood swings and my princess attitude, lmao. Check her out, she's fabulous:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Munki Top

I finished piecing my Munki Munki/Heather Ross quilt top on Saturday night. Look at this yummy sherbety goodness! lol. Is sherbety even a word? Well, the quilt is pastel and I thought it looked like sherbet. Yum.

Now I've got to get this on my quilting frame. I've got a couple other quilt tops that need to get on the frame as well, so now I've got to decide. Do I finish one of those older UFOs? Or do I jump right in a finish this one? I'm actually leaning towards finishing up one of those older UFOs first. But, for now, this quilt top is laying on the bed in my spare bedroom, which is also my office, so I get to spend the day looking at it between the real work. :)

I also think y'all should know that every time I worked on one of those "Jungle Book" blocks I was totally singing "I Wanna Be Like You". Yes, I'm that kind of nerd.