Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Munki Top

I finished piecing my Munki Munki/Heather Ross quilt top on Saturday night. Look at this yummy sherbety goodness! lol. Is sherbety even a word? Well, the quilt is pastel and I thought it looked like sherbet. Yum.

Now I've got to get this on my quilting frame. I've got a couple other quilt tops that need to get on the frame as well, so now I've got to decide. Do I finish one of those older UFOs? Or do I jump right in a finish this one? I'm actually leaning towards finishing up one of those older UFOs first. But, for now, this quilt top is laying on the bed in my spare bedroom, which is also my office, so I get to spend the day looking at it between the real work. :)

I also think y'all should know that every time I worked on one of those "Jungle Book" blocks I was totally singing "I Wanna Be Like You". Yes, I'm that kind of nerd.

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Anonymous said...

I love simple uses of cute fabrics like this. Sherbety indeed!