Monday, October 15, 2012

Special Kind of Crazy

Do you ever have those times in your life when you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do?  You're so overwhelmed that even when you finish something you still feel like you haven't gotten anything done.  Partially because while you were finishing that one task, four more showed up on your to-do list? 

If you do - you're not alone.  I feel that way ALL THE TIME.

Because of that I take real joy in accomplishing anything.  Even if it's a daily chore, like running the dishwasher.

So imagine my joy in finishing two quilts!  They're small, but they're done.  :)

It took me two years to complete this 16 patch baby quilt.  In my defense though, I started it as a "time filler" project while hanging out with some quilty friends for a weekend.  It has been a "fill" project since then.  I finally threw it on the quilting frame a couple of weeks ago and got it quilted and bound. 

The other quilt I completed was one I started about three months ago.  It was one of those projects that I had no business starting because I have a ton of other projects going or ready to go.  But, my scrap bin was calling my name.  "Karen," it said "look at my fabulousness.  Don't you want to pay attention to my fabulousness?"  So I did and made this little lap/baby quilt I've been calling Neptune's Chain.  Does your fabric hoard talk to you too?

Now I've got to take some full shots of these two quilts and get them posted in my Etsy shop.  I'm going to have a hard time selling the "chain" quilt though - I've fallen in love with it.  Maybe my little wiener dog would like a new blanket.  lol.

Speaking of my pets, as soon as I laid my completed quilts down to get a couple of fall afternoon sun shots of them both of my babies thought it was playtime.

Bo is getting bigger everyday.  I swear that I actually saw her grow as I was watching her sleep a couple of weeks ago.  Bran and I both noticed that she seems to get extra special crazy right before she puts on a growth spurt.  Extra special crazy is really saying something too, because Bo is already nut-tacular.

Bo is fitting right it here.  She's super friendly and likes when new people come over to entertain her.  Bette, on the other hand, is still a big old chicken.  I'm always telling her she needs more bark and less bawk.  She's brave when she's playing with the cat though!  But, she's only brave if there is nobody else in the room.  Because of this I had to video record them playing for Bran because as soon as he enters the room Bette becomes a big old chicken again.  Poor little chicken dog.  Bawk.