Sunday, December 20, 2009

In Mid-December

Well it's almost Christmas and I'm not sure I'm ready, lol. With Christmas less than a week away: I've only purchased three presents, none of them wrapped, and my parents called me two days ago to tell me that they're coming out for Christmas this year after all. Well, that's exciting! I think we'll have Christmas on New Year's Day. That sounds like a plan!

Friday night was our office Christmas party and last night Bran and I hosted a Christmas party here at that house. Not very many guests came to either party, but they were still plenty of fun. Tonight I'm playing a Christmas gig in New Orleans at the Chapel of the Holy Comforter. I'm sure they'll have a party after the performance. There will be more people at this party, but it won't be nearly as fun as Friday or Saturday's parties! :)

Anyways I've gotten a couple of quilts finished in the last month. On Thanksgiving weekend I finished a linen and cotton hourglass quilt and this week I completed a Christmas quilt. They're both lap sized and were the first two I've ever quilted using my new B-Line quilting frame. Now if I could just get a sewing machine with a longer throat, then I'd be all good! :)

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My True Love Gave to Me...

Should I have not gotten up this morning? lol.

First, I should have been at rehearsal in New Orleans at 10am. So, I get myself out of bed, run a brush through my hair, slap some makeup on, and leave the house. Two miles from home I look up at my clock in the car and it says it's 10. 10? Really? No - I must have forgotten to "fall back". No - I remembered to "fall back", that was weeks ago. Oh crap. How the hell did my brain allow me to think that aiming to leave the house at 9:45 would get me to rehearsal at 10? Oh, I must have said "I need to leave at quarter to 9" to Bran and I somehow translated that to 9:45 in my fuzzy brain. It's a quarter to something with a 9. OMG.

I've been sick for 4 weeks now. Yeah, 4 weeks. I'm not as bad as I was 3 weeks ago, but I'm still bad enough that I've been taking night-time cold medicine for the last 2 weeks. Is that why I feel so brain dead? Holy crap.

Ok, so then I decide, since I'm out, to grab a cup of coffee and get some Christmas shopping done. First I stopped at America's Best to pick up my contacts that they called me about a month ago. No...they don't have my contacts. They've got my trial pair...that's what they called me about. Trial pair? I got those 8 weeks ago. No, I want the year worth of contacts I paid for. Oh, no they were delivered to my home on October 28th. Really? No. So, they'll follow up on Monday when the office is open. Monday, really? They'd better call on Monday or I'll be opening up a can of whoop ass.

Alrighty, it's not the fault of the girls at America's Best so I'll go over to Rouse's and see if they have St. Germain. No, they don't have St. Germain I should try Martin's Wine Cellar. But, they don't think there's one of the North Shore. I'll have to go to New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Yeah, right.

This is all not so bad. I think I'll go pick up those Christmas gifts. So, I drive myself over Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up that present for Bran I keep meaning to pick up and some Christmas Yankee Candles. It's cold out and I still haven't had any of that hot coffee I picked up. I find a nice parking spot and dash across in the rain to the store with my big ass purse and cup of coffee. Yeah, I'll probably need a shopping cart for the present and the candles and whatever crap might "need" from BB&B. So what if the store is packed, the shopping carts are huge, and the aisles are too small for the shopping cart. Really? The aisles are too small for the shopping carts? And because I didn't want to spill the coffee I've set in in my purse. But the first big bump guess what? No, it didn't spill, but it did splash up out of that drinking hole all over the inside of my purse. OK, that's not so bad, at least it didn't spill.

At least the check out line at BB&B went quickly. While I'm out why don't I stop by my salon and give Ginger her Christmas present and get my bangs trimmed? Great idea. Ginger is available...trims me up in 2 minutes, I "tip" her for the year and leave. At home I get a really good look at my bangs. Well, maybe they'll have grown out by Christmas. Besides as long as they look good for Christmas I'll be happy.

So, my crazy "bad" day wasn't really "bad"...but I usually don't have this kind of luck over and over in the same day. Hopefully the next 2 weeks will be better. Bran went Christmas shopping after I got home. I got most of the ornaments on the tree and he came home with a bottle of St. Germain (from Martin's Wine Cellar in Mandeville!). Bless him! :)