Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Karen!

OMG, I'm a Super Hero! LOL. Is this not the coolest thing? OK, enough time wasted. I almost have the baby quilt #3 top completely pieced. I'd work at finishing it tonight, but I don't have the backing material yet. So I have some time.

Bran and I were supposed to totally clean our bedroom today, but we didn't get that done. Instead the weather turned cold and I bundled up and watched Dr. Zhivago. I'd REALLY like that movie if the costuming/makeup wasn't so 60's. It's too bad that so much of modern fashion influences any period piece, no matter what decade made.

So, enough blogging and back to work! Super Karen to the JOB!!! lol.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Quilt #2

Well, I finished baby quilt #2 yesterday and started working on baby quilt #3. I really need to work on a baby girl quilt for Thomas and Stephanie, but I have triangles left from the last quilt, so I'm using them now. I've ordered some very cool backing for the baby girl quilt. I guess I'll start working on that quilt when the material comes in. I've also ordered some backing for baby quilt #3 - I just hope the backing fabric looks as good with the pieced front as I think it will. Oh well, if it doesn't I'll use it for something else. Crap - I just remembered I need to order more quilt batting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ok, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm baaAAAaaaack. lol. My lack of posting isn't because I haven't completed anything recently, but more because I've been too lazy to document what I have finished.

Well I'm here to change that. In the last year I've had a number of friends and family announce that they were pregnant. Even though this depresses me a little (Bran and I have been trying for a little while), I'm very happy for each one of them. Their announcements have prompted me to start quilting again. I've finished a couple of quilts and they're on the way to baby showers and new parents.
I had to do some research on quilting though. I've pieced and number of quilts but have never been very happy with the quilting part. After a little bit of research I purchased myself a quilting/darning foot for my crappy sewing machine and started practicing on a quilt I pieced years ago, but never quilted. When I was happy with the results I moved on to the baby quilts. I'm very excited and pleased with my results and am now as just as happy quilting as I am piecing. Here's to many many more quilts!

I still need to finish Aunt Diane's doll. Her son, Thomas, announced that he and his wife, Stephanie, are having a baby. Diane is going to want that doll finished soon I'm sure. Besides I don't think she's overjoyed that I'm taking my time. However, I'm doing all the work for free - so she can just wait! lol.