Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday Night

Most of my Monday nights are spent this way:

2.5 hours in the car (driving to/from New Orleans with a stop for coffee)
2.0 hours at rehearsal
2.0 hours boozing and whoring laughing, talking, and eating with a good friend

The drive gives me time to listen to audio books or talk to myself.  (Daddy always says that's the best way to have an intelligent conversation). 

Rehearsals keep my mind and fingers nimble.

Visiting with Marika restores my sanity.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Wedding Ring

A year and a half or so ago I started work on a scrappy Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I made a couple of arcs then stalled.  Last year my friend Kaelin hosted a Double Wedding Ring quilt along on her blog.  I thought, at the time, "Perfect!  This will get me going again with my work."  But, that didn't happen either.  While mom was working on her quilt top here after Christmas, I took the time I had to do a little more work.  The scrappiness and paper piecing made it easier to put down and pick-up as needed while I worked with my mom.  Besides the scrap bin was finally so full I couldn't get the lid on any longer!

Now I'm hooked.  I spent time Saturday piecing, sewing, cutting, and ironing.  I just love busywork.  There's something about it that makes me feel like I both have time for my (constant) inner dialog and that I'm accomplishing something.  I'd have gotten more completed, but I ran out of paper arcs.  Bummer. 

So do you think I spent the time I had after I ran out of paper arcs to get the laundry done this weekend? 


Friday, January 20, 2012

So, I made it home from San Francisco


It was a great trip.  I was home, saw my brother, his fiancee, and a ton of friends that I dearly miss.  A trip to Napa, plenty of good meals, a visit with the Wade/Davis family, and Brad and Jim's annual Wine and Cheese Party were all highlights of the 10 days I spent in the Bay Area. 

I feel so bad that I didn't take any photos when I visited my friends Doug and Elisabeth; but fun, conversation, wine, and great smoked ribs won over my brain cells for that evening.  Next fall we're traveling to the Bay Area for my brother's Halloween wedding.  That should be a trip to remember!

Christmas has also come and gone since I blogged last.  Mom and Dad came out for 2 weeks and we were very happy to have them here.  I really love nothing more than doing all the things I love to do at Christmas, like decorate and cook, while my mom and dad putter around me.  Mom and I did some quilting the week after Christmas.  She made a throw quilt for my brother and I did some piecing on my double wedding ring scrap quilt.  Then, we set my mom's new sewing machine up on my quilting frame and she quilted the quilt top she made for my brother!  I'm so proud of her.  It looks good.  I can't wait to see it bound and washed.

We did have a very very sad day over the holidays.  Our 21 year old siamese kitty, Koshka, died on January 2nd.  He's been an old man cat for a while, in fact I'd gone to singing "Old Man Koshka" to him to the tune of "Old Man River".  We weren't really surprised that his time with us was over, based on his age.  Though, he had just been to the vet three weeks earlier for his annual where he was pronounced old but healthy.  So his quick decent from being normal Old Man Kitty to unable to move was a surprise.  It was a quick and quiet death and we miss him dearly but know he's remembered fondly and now free.

The last couple weeks have been completely non-productive.  First I felt sorry for myself and mourned Koshka's death, then I got the flu.  Any, boy did I ever get the flu!  So, I spent a whole week in bed with my little wiener dog and the occasional meal that Bran would bring me hoping it would help make me feel better.  Bran got me a Kindle Touch for Christmas (it was one of those perfect presents that I didn't know I wanted that he's so good at) which got a lot of use a couple of those bed ridden days.

I'm now getting back on with real life, and just in time too.  Rehearsals start for both the Tulane Symphony and the New Orleans Civic Symphony this coming week, I've got work projects to complete, plants that need re-potted, and OMG the Christmas tree to get the down.