Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Wedding Ring

A year and a half or so ago I started work on a scrappy Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I made a couple of arcs then stalled.  Last year my friend Kaelin hosted a Double Wedding Ring quilt along on her blog.  I thought, at the time, "Perfect!  This will get me going again with my work."  But, that didn't happen either.  While mom was working on her quilt top here after Christmas, I took the time I had to do a little more work.  The scrappiness and paper piecing made it easier to put down and pick-up as needed while I worked with my mom.  Besides the scrap bin was finally so full I couldn't get the lid on any longer!

Now I'm hooked.  I spent time Saturday piecing, sewing, cutting, and ironing.  I just love busywork.  There's something about it that makes me feel like I both have time for my (constant) inner dialog and that I'm accomplishing something.  I'd have gotten more completed, but I ran out of paper arcs.  Bummer. 

So do you think I spent the time I had after I ran out of paper arcs to get the laundry done this weekend? 



Cascade Quilts said...

a paper pieced DWR?! LOVE it! I did one about 20 years ago, and used templates. It's still my all-time fave quilt, and I think it would be awesome to make another in FMF when it's re-released! Where did you get your paper piecing templates?

Karen said...

Hi Karin! Thanks for leaving a comment.

When I originally went looking on-line to find a paper pieced Double Wedding Ring I found two.

One from McCalls:

And the one I'm using from Free Spirit:

I'm glad I chose the Free Spirit version because that's what Kaelin used with her quilt along, but I may (someday) try the Mc Call's version.