Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ok, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm baaAAAaaaack. lol. My lack of posting isn't because I haven't completed anything recently, but more because I've been too lazy to document what I have finished.

Well I'm here to change that. In the last year I've had a number of friends and family announce that they were pregnant. Even though this depresses me a little (Bran and I have been trying for a little while), I'm very happy for each one of them. Their announcements have prompted me to start quilting again. I've finished a couple of quilts and they're on the way to baby showers and new parents.
I had to do some research on quilting though. I've pieced and number of quilts but have never been very happy with the quilting part. After a little bit of research I purchased myself a quilting/darning foot for my crappy sewing machine and started practicing on a quilt I pieced years ago, but never quilted. When I was happy with the results I moved on to the baby quilts. I'm very excited and pleased with my results and am now as just as happy quilting as I am piecing. Here's to many many more quilts!

I still need to finish Aunt Diane's doll. Her son, Thomas, announced that he and his wife, Stephanie, are having a baby. Diane is going to want that doll finished soon I'm sure. Besides I don't think she's overjoyed that I'm taking my time. However, I'm doing all the work for free - so she can just wait! lol.

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