Friday, March 19, 2010


Every once in a while I check my stats in Flickr for two things. One, photos that have had more than 100 views and two, photos that have been "Explored". Explore is a strange thing. She's kind of a flighty bitch who loves your photos one day and discards them the next. So, according to Big Huge Labs, I've had a total of 11 photos "explored". I'm kind of in shock to find that there are currently three lingering in her good graces. I'm very excited and honored that these photos have made Explore, but kind of mystified in a way as well. None of the photos are the best on my stream, maybe just the most interesting? Two of the photos are scanned copies of old family photos and the rest are of quilts and quilt tops. None are really what I would call Explore worthy - but I'll not complain, I'll take the compliment and run with it.

So, thank you all for viewing my photos, commenting on my photos, and fav'ing my photos, that's all got to be part of that Explore algorithm on Flickr. If you're interested, a full set of all my photos that have made Explore can be found here. I thought I'd work on some UFOs - I've got a TON. I need to get a quilt on the quilting frame and the machine in the cradle to get some quilt tops quilted. Unfortunately what I really want to do though is work on a quilt top that I started with my friend Jim back in November when I was in California. That quilt is calling to me... I'll keep you posted. :)

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