Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of my favorite seasons started yesterday - FALL!  I love it when the days are shorter, the weather cooler, and the need for a quilt is doubled!  ;)

You may (or may not know) that I'm a fabric hoarder.  OK, if you know me pretty well you know I'm kinda an "everything" hoarder.  haha.  Either way, because I know I'm buying fabric faster than I'm using it I've challenged myself to create quilts with what fabric I have on hand.  The following quilt is not exactly my style - though I'm loving the one patch scrap quilt look lately.  I finished the quilt top this morning and it is actually really really cute in person.  Keep a look out for it if you love it, or think you know someone that would love it, because I may end up listing it in my shop after it's quilted and been subjected to it's "crinkly good" wash.  I plan on backing it with muslin, quilting it with a gold/orange color, and binding it with Kona Spice.

As much as I'm not "in love" with the quilt fabrics, above, I am in love with the selection below.  I actually started pulling fabric for two other quilts when I realized they'd look good together.  My question though, before I start cutting (which I'm ITCHING to do): do I make another one patch quilt out of the fabrics below?  Or, do I do a "Pickles" version where the white would be replaced by Kona Charcoal?  If I do the "Pickles" version I'd have enough fabric to do two quilts allowing me to keep one of them for myself and list the other in my shop.  If I do the one patch version I'll only have enough fabric for one quilt that will be MINE all MINE!  haha.  So, what do you think?

In case you weren't already jealous of my insane fabulousness.  (Just pretend ok?  It makes me feel good.)  I thought I'd leave you with a taste of my office life.  I work the "real job" from home three days a week, where I HAVE to share my office space.  Lucky for me my office mates are usually pretty quiet.  That is until the hubby, who also works from home, stops by for a chat.  Then the little fuzzy nug-a-rooni has to dash under my desk where she remains until the second he's out of my door, then she's back in her bed.  Funny little Bette Nuggers.

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Anonymous said...

you know I love the pickles quilt, and those are some great fabrics ... so I vote go with 2!

And I figured out the html !

Love the girls !