Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Need More Hours in a Day

Why is it when I have the most on my plate at one time I get sick?  Ugh.  I ended up sleeping all of Thursday and Friday and I'm still tired, weak, and achy.  Now I'm stressed about the work I missed at the end of the week last week, the sewing I didn't get done, and the crazy amount of cleaning and decorating that begins for me in October.  On top of that stress I've got to conduct a training class this Wednesday and I leave Thursday for the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, so I'll have a second week that I will have to try to make up for the following week.

So enough of my boo-hooing for myself. I've got stuff to share!

First, and I know you've seen a TON of these on my blog, here's my mom's Christmas Mod Bento Box on the quilting frame.  I got the quilting completed last week sometime.  I still have to bind it.  Mom and Dad are coming for Christmas this year, so I'm not rushing to get this completed.  I figured if it was done by the time they got here it would be soon enough.  You would think my Christmas fabric stash would be dwindling, but no.  meh.

Speaking of Christmas fabric.  (Ha!)  I've completed this lattice Christmas quilt.  This quilt was born from my head and kinda unplanned (like most of my work).  Inspired by "what can I do with this layer cake in my stash".  So I started cutting, and realized that I did not have enough fabric in the layer cake to make a twin sized quilt.  So, I went to the trusty Internet and bought a second layer cake.  When I got the second layer cake in I proceeded to continue cutting and ended up cutting all the fabric on the same diagonal.  Yeah, that won't make diamonds...don't try.  So, I ordered a THIRD layer cake, which by this time was almost impossible to find, to complete this project.  Figures I'm trying to use up my stash and now I have enough fabric to make another one of these.   

My fabric hoard stash includes a pile of vintage sheets and vintage sheet fat quarters.  So, I've started sorting out the fabric into cohesive groups.  Beginning with the "blue daisies" I've got almost enough hourglass blocks to make a twin sized quilt.  I did order some Kona cotton in a couple of light blue shades to make the few blocks I'll need to finish this quilt, and enough for the back and binding.  The fabric came in Tuesday, but obviously I didn't get any work done on this quilt this week.

Once my mom's quilt was off the frame I put on another quilt and started the quilting.  You know - I could sew for days and never get tired of it.

The one little bit of seasonal work I got completed this week was the "changing of the mugs".  Bran pulled my fall and Halloween decorations out of the attic for me on Monday night while I was at rehearsal and I was able to switch out my everyday mugs with my Halloween ones.  Based on the week I just had this may be all the Halloween decorating I get completed this year.  ;)


Candice said...

Changing of the mugs- love it!! :) and the quilts are just gorgeous! Can't wait to meet you Thursday :)

Cherie said...

Oh, I know how you feel! I can't wait for Thursday, but I have SO much to do before then!