Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best Kind of Friends

OK, So I want everyone to know that I've got the best kind of friends!  (Not just the friends included in this blog post, but all of 'em!)

Last weekend was the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City and I was just getting over some kind of crazy ass bug.  As well as not feeling well I was in a really weird place in my head.  I hadn't been to Salt Lake City since I lived in Layton about 20 years ago with my ex-husband.  Being in the city brought back all sorts of memories all tangled up in happy and sad, good and bad.  It was an exhausting head trip.

I ended up feeling like the turd in the punchbowl, which made things all even worse in my head.  But, my friends just ignored my strangeness - which is exactly how I like it when I'm not feeling well (both physically and mentally).  lol.  Thanks NOMQG for just letting me be.  I loves you guys like no others - even when I'm stuck in Kaelin's damn covered wagon.


We did a little sight seeing around town and got to meet one of the city's hospitality club members.  She had some interesting things to say that reminded me of this little slice of my favorite British comedy.

But, I digress...more about having the best kind of friends.  My best friend (Bran Bran the muffin man) felt so bad that I felt so bad that he called one of my closest friends and arranged for me to fly to San Francisco (Oakland really) to spend a week.  So, I get my trip to California this year, and get to see my friends back home.  Isn't that the most wonderful man ever?  Plus Brad who will put me up for the week while he's preparing for his annual wine and cheese party and taking an extra day off this year so we can take a day trip to Napa.  Best kind of friends.  I'm so excited about my trip home that my previous funk has just dissipated to nothing.

Here's a little mail happy from Kaelin.  Only friends know that it's proper to address your mail in care of your dogs.  :D


Wanna know what sewing I got completed this week?  I got the quilt that was on the frame 2 weeks ago quilted and I finished all the blue vintage sheets hourglass blocks.  I think I'm going to mail both to "myself" in California and bind the one quilt and complete the hourglass quilt top with Jim.

I have no rehearsal this afternoon so I guess I'm going to get up and get some sewing and housework done.  Before I go's a funny little video I shot last night of Bette Nuggs.  (Yes, Encino Man is one of my favorite movies, why do you ask?)


Angela said...

oh yeah!! I'm so glad that you get to go to California! What a sweet hubby you have.

Candice said...

Yipee! That will be so nice to have a break! It's always good to go home!!

mab said...

Another reason I knew we were meant to be buddies: I love Red Dwarf, too! :)

I'm glad you got to go to California. Bran is sooooo kind & he knew exactly what you needed!

Eily said...

Thanks guys! I'm super excited about my trip. ;)

Jenny said...

Wanted to let you know I've passed along an award to you! I think your blog is great and wanted to share it with others. Please visit my blog today to see my post:
Thanks and no pressure...I understand life!

Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful

Elisabeth said...

Wonderful! I hope we get to see you!