Monday, September 12, 2011


It was a lazy lazy Sunday at the house on 9/11.  We watched rebroadcasts of the news footage from 10 years ago, memorial ceremonies, and documentary news stories regarding the aftermath of 9/11 all morning and early afternoon.  I got to sew for hours and Bran watched the women's finale of the US Open in the afternoon.  (He LOVES tennis!) 

Awww, look at our old lady poodle all comfy on the couch with Bran.

I got the Halloween quilt I've nicknamed "Severus Snape" completed on Saturday night and threw it in the wash for it's "crinkly good" finish before we went to bed.  Bran was ALL excited because this quilt is for him.  I did originally start it as a Halloween decoration using the inspiration of "what kind of quilt would Severus Snape have on his bed?"  But as I was laying out the first row on the living room floor for a look Bran walked in and said "I really like that quilt".  It is really him - so it's his quilt now.  I was going to wait until the Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day to gift it to him, but he stole it right out of the dryer Saturday night and proceeded to use it right away.  Men, I swear. 

Don't laugh at my bare walls!  I moved this room around months ago and didn't want to rehang the old stale art and I've just been too lazy busy to put anything new up.

So now that Severus is completed I'm in the mood to start decorating for Halloween.  Is mid September too early to start decorating for Halloween?

Oh, and if you've never seen the Potter Puppet Pals thing on YouTube you should check it out.  I spent Saturday afternoon doing laundry and singing "Voldemort Voldemort..."  lol.

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