Friday, September 9, 2011

Back in the Swing

So my friend, Marika, came over a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I don't update my blog often enough. Um. Ya. She's right.

I'll catch ya up a little today - maybe save some for tomorrow.  ;)

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  I was hoping I'd be able to use her for slave labor to finish up some of my own projects, but instead she sent ahead of her three quilt tops she wants quilted and then fell in love with my Mod Bento Box and wanted her very own Christmas version.  So in trade I had her cut enough fabric for both of us.  We got her quilt top done and two of her quilt tops quilted.  It was a good time. 

When I was younger my mom and I spent a ton of time together while she taxied me to ballet lessons, violin lessons, viola lessons, piano lessons, and youth orchestra rehearsals.  We were quite tight.  Then when I started driving myself to all these lessons and rehearsals that time we shared together ended.  I didn't miss it so much when I was 17, but now at 41 I totally miss it.  (Or at least I miss what I remember of it.)  So, as much as I might be aaaargh about my mom - I both miss and love her.

I don't work, usually, on Fridays.  Well, I don't work the paying job, but I do work the "OMG I love to create" job.  Why am I not doing what I love for work?  Money.  It's that simple.  The money I make sitting at a desk pays for the fabric hoard in my home office, living room, and breakfast room.  HOARD!  I love my scrap quilts though, so the hoard sure comes in handy.  Every 3 months or so I go through it and reorganize it, so it's not a "use the shovel to scrape the moldy mess of fabric off the floor before we torch this dwelling" kind of hoard, but it is still a hoard.

Today I spent my Friday working on three different projects.  A cute quilt top for my friend Heather, a vintage sheet quilt top that I've been working on and off on for six weeks, and finishing the binding on the Halloween quilt top I've nicknamed Severus Snape.  lol - ya - I end up nicknaming about 75% of the quilts I make.  Heather's quilt top and the vintage sheet blocks are both visible in the photo below.  I'll post Severus when he's done.
Among all these projects I also took my fuzzy fuzzy poodle to the groomer.  I love it when my old lady poodle's fur is all long and curly - but I also love it when she's clipped to look like a poodle.  See what I mean?  
Curly vs clipped.
Now, isn't that second photo the sweetest?  Bran and I have a huge soft spot for this old lady.  It's amazing how much she's changed since we got her 3 years ago from the rescue.  She's always been super smart, but now she's independent and confident as well.  It's a shame she finally felt safe so late in her life when she's arthritic, and is going blind and deaf.

Anyways, enough sap.  I'll post more soon.  I promise.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who this Marika is, but she is right, you don't post enough! And that pic of Bran and the old lady is adorable. I am glad that she found her way home to her people when she needed them the most.

Cherie said...

I don't know about you, but I am counting the days until next month! Can't wait to stay up late like teenagers and have a girls weekend!