Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ooops, I Did It Again

Ummmmm....I'm not sure what to say. Yes this is exactly what it looks like.

Can I help it that I love the way the Mod Bento Box looks? Can I help it that I've got too much Christmas fabric? Can I help it that I'm starting another project right before the holidays when I thought that the last stitch I put in the binding of my Christmas quilt for this year would be the end of quilting projects until January?

NO! I'm addicted. Addicted to quilting and Christmas fabric and the Mod Bento Box. Lucky for me: knowing is half the battle. lol.

OK - so before starting this little cutie this afternoon I have COMPLETED the three quilts I had been binding last week. I promise that if the light is better tomorrow I'll take photos and post them here and on Flickr.


Regina said...

It's so cute how could you not make one?!! I'm VERY addicted to Christmas fabrics. I have to stay out of the fabric store right now because I know they have a bunch on sale.

Kaelin said...

sooooo...what you're saying is that you're making another christmas mod bento box quilt, and it's for me?

Karen said...


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

That's ok! DO what you love! And I LOVE the quilt I won! It came yesterday! Check out how much we liked it http://cyarnell.blogspot.com/2010/11/guess-what-was-at-my-front-door-and.html