Sunday, November 7, 2010


Is this not the best photo ever? :)

I've been thinking about redecorating by repursposing today. In the mental craziness that ensued I thought of this photo. That's my mom, and for as long as I can remember I've LOVED this photo. But my mom never seemed to like it.

Maybe it's the knobby knees? She may mentioned the knees once to me while I was gushing over this photo. But it's probably that she looks so much like her mother. I don't know how my mom really feels about looking like her mother, but I'm been terrified of looking like my own mother.

But my mom looks like her mom and I think her mom was ADORABLE. So, why wouldn't I want to look like my mom, if that meant looking like my grandmother?

Please don't let my reasoning make your brain hurt.

So other this crazy sweep of nostalgia I had today, I also got bindings machine sewn to the tops of three quilts. Now I've just got to hand sew the bindings to the backs and I've got three more quilts completed. Yay me!


Elisabeth said...

That is a great photo! I don't know that I've ever seen a picture of your mom's mom, though.

Quiltsmiles said...

I love this pensive posting. Glad to know, that we don't really have a choice about it though. Genetics are what they are and that's a good thing most of the time.