Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainy Saturday

OMG, I LOVE the rain. The best part about living in the South is the fabulous thunderstorms. :) I grew up in the San Francisco East Bay and let me tell you...if you're watching a movie set in SF and it's raining and thundering it's WRONG! Wrong! SF gets plenty of rain, but maybe one or two thunderstorms a year. Are you listening to me, one or two - tops. lol.

So, enough of my no thunderstorm in SF tirade. Today I went to a sew day with the New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild. We were making blocks to donate to Anna Maria Horner's Tennessee Flood Relief effort. Between three of us we made seven blocks, then started to do some work on our own projects. I love this is a blast! And, if you live in the New Orleans area go visit The Quilted Owl, the shop (and owners) are adorable. :)

Here are the two owners of The Quilted Owl digging through Kaelin's pile of scraps. And below are our Flood Relief blocks.


Angela said...

you made the prettiest blocks. I'm still impressed that you just made those patterns up on the spot. And I'm still cracking up over all our conversations!

Eily said...

Awww *blush*. I love the blocks you and Kaelin made. Those "rose" blocks are fantastic and the others are adorable!

Lucky for me the brain was working Saturday morning. :P