Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Ree - ree - ree - ree. lol. The hubby just reminded me that it's Friday the 13th. He's easily amused. He seems to think that to celebrate we should watch Evil Dead tonight. I love Bruce Campbell, so that's probably going to happen. :)

OK, so on to what I've worked on this week. Here are the rest of the blocks for the Christmas Mod Bento Box that was started last week. Yesterday evening I completed piecing the quilt top. It's now on my pile of tops to quilt. The other Christmas quilt, the one I'm quilting, is still being quilted. That didn't get as much time devoted to it as the other.

I also decided to join round 2 of the Mod Bento Box swap. I know I've been making a lot of these blocks lately. When this most recent top is complete I think I'm gonna lay off the Mod Bento Box for a little while and move on to something else.


Kaelin said...

I love love love the Christmas Bento!

P.S. I went over to Angela's after I bought out Mes Amis, and we decided that a girl's night out Glee-fest is a must.

And bonus, we can subject everyone to another round of Glee during the quilting retreat...mwahaha! *twirls mustache*

Eily said...

Bwaaahahaha...I'm so there (mustache twirling and all). lol.

I'm glad you love the Christmas Bento. :) I told you I have a lot of Christmas fabric.