Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Mod Bento Box Squares

This week's accomplished sewing, so far, has been pretty thin. I did complete four more MMB squares for the MMBII swap, and I've cut enough for 12 more squares. That will give me 24 total blocks for a quilt that should be about 60x90. What a great nap sized quilt! The trick will be to get them sewn before the mailing deadline on Tuesday. Though, the cutting can be the hard part, or at least the boring part. :)

I am hoping though that my over achievement doesn't make life difficult for the moderator.

All these Mod Bento Box squares and I'm still not tired of making these blocks! I need to find a new favorite quilt block. Any suggestions?


Kaelin said...

this is so friggin' cute! and i think you should do a scrappy DWR quilt on a white background next!!!

Eily said...

That might literally kill me. But I'm game. :) Where did you find your pattern? Or, can I borrow it?