Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finishing My MBB II Blocks

I took what I had left to finish for round two of the MBB swap to my in-laws over the weekend. My sister-in-law and her family were there for the weekend as well, so it was a full and fun house for the weekend. They have two girls, 17 and 15, who think that Aunt Karen is pretty cool. No accounting for taste, I guess. :) Anyways these girls think I'm pretty cool. Maybe because I truly am interested in what they have to say; and don't mind watching hours of some obscure anime comedy or You Tube videos. (Think "whistles go woo", "crack fox", or "all your base are belong to us".) Ya, I even knew what those videos were before they showed them to me, I'm that cool. lol. So, I'm finishing up my Mod Bento Box blocks and the girls are totally digging them, not so much the watching me sew part, but the finished block part. They loved how the different fabrics looked unrelated, but when the blocks were complete it made perfect sense; and then I realized that's what I love about scrap quilts.

Here are the blocks I finished up for the swap, including 2 extra blocks for the moderator. :)

I've got to get them in the mail today so I'd better get some shoes on and get to the post office. I'll be waiting impatiently for the swap blocks. My favorite part of the last swap was that blocks I didn't really love individually worked fabulously in the quilt. Like they all were meant to be together. All those different colors, ideas, and tastes - they all worked together beautifully. I'd say "why can't the world be like this?", but then I'd have to cue the cheesy lights and dramatic music.


Angela said...

You sound like a beauty queen! Up on your youtube videos and wanting world peace. LOL.

Love the blocks...can't wait to see the ones you get!

Eily said...

I've got the wave down...maybe I should make a run on the beauty queen circuit? lol.

Thanks! I can't wait to get my swapped blocks. :)