Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last month was crazy busy. I mentioned that in my last post though, I'm sure.

The project I thought would be complete by the end of the month wasn't completed - though I lay most of the blame for that at the feet of the person or people that were responsible for relaying to me that Development would not have a completed project until the 15th of June. So, tell me, how effectively was I using my time trying to document software that was, and still is, in limbo? OK - so I've got it 98% complete and am waiting for the final product to be rolled out so that I may update the work I've already done. Have I mentioned that I don't like wasting time? Oh, I have no problem sitting around taking my time, but I have a huge problem doing double work. I'm off my soapbox now.

We did close the old office at the end of the month and Bran and I are now both working from home. It's been a little bit of an adjustment. Though we both worked at home occasionally before we moved, being in the house everyday and having to physically move in our work computers, monitors, and files was a job. Not to mention the logistics of VPN, VOIP, having another phone line installed, and then having to deal with our phone and internet going down yesterday at the house.

So, here's the fun stuff. We loved Alaska. I would definitely recommend visiting Alaska if you have a chance. It was really beautiful. Bran and I took the trip with my parents and my brother. Bran, Brian, and I basically covered the trip for my parents...kind of an early Christmas gift for the next 5 years, a 40th anniversary present, and a thank you for everything you did for us growing up. I think the best part was how excited my mom was. Often, though I don't think intentionally, she just doesn't seem that excited about gifts - almost a "I wanted something better" feeling. Again, I don't think it's intentional, but a little deflating at times. But she was so excited about this trip - it made it all worth while. So, back to the trip. If you ever take a trip to Alaska and find yourself in Skagway be sure to take the White Pass Rail Road trip. It is so worth every dime. If you're interested, my photos of the trip are posted here.

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