Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pismo and Towels

Pismo Beach is one of my favorite places! When I've got enough money I'm going to buy myself a little beach house in Pismo... My brother bought this sticker for me at least a year ago. I've had it sitting around waiting to be put on my car since then. Today I finally did. I had some other things waiting to go out to my car, so I thought "why not while I'm out there?" Funny it looks so nice out in this photo, which I took about half an hour ago, now it's storming. Beautiful, wonderful, thunderstorms. Living so close to New Orleans does have benefits - great thunderstorms all summer! I could do without hurricanes, but hey - I moved from the San Francisco East Bay area, hurricanes come with warnings, earthquakes do not.

I've got alot on my plate to do today. Putting one sticker on my car isn't going to get it all done. Though I have already posted a couple more family photos to Flickr and finished my Tuesday Ironing tea towel. I've got to work some more on Diane's doll and get a piece together that I'm stitching for a friend as a Christmas gift. Speaking of DOW tea towels - starting the scottie dog towels got me thinking about doing a set for my friend Brad. I found THE PERFECT set of transfers for him on eBay this week. I got the transfers and I found unbleached cotton tea towels on-line. (Much better quality than the Wal-Mart ones.) So, when those come in I've got another present to work on.

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