Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday Washing

Like I don't have enough to do! I bought these embroidery transfers a while back and this week I bought a package of flour sack towels at Walmart. They were a fantastic buy, but the fabric is cheap cheap cheap. It doesn't matter since these little embroideries stitch up uber quick and, besides, I don't know what I'm doing... are you supposed to knot the end or not? I am knotting the ends, but the knots may be too small. So when I launder these they'll probably totally unravel or the floss may bleed. Whatever happens when I launder them it doesn't matter now because they're just too sweet! So far I've just completed this one and started Tuesday Ironing today. I'll probably finish that one up tomorrow. After that I've got a whole pack of kitten day of week transfers... The real question is though, do I keep these once they're finished? Or do I mail them off to a friend?

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