Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dolls and Family

I spent some time this morning posting some more ancestrial family photos to my Flickr account. Everytime I dive into the stacks of photos left behind by my grandmother Spore I'm overwhelmed. There are just so many of them and she, for the most part, labeled them. I can make some connections based on what she wrote on them, but there are some that are just so cryptic to me that I'm not sure if I understand the family connection or not. The photo posted with this post is an example - I can tell you without a doubt who four of the family members are and how they're connected to me. But the others are a little hazy. I guess the next step after I get the photos posted is to make the family connections through real research. Oh, but that sounds like work. LOL.

The leather I ordered to repair Diane's doll came in this week. I ordered an "antique white" side with the thought that I can use the leather for other doll bodies and possible some doll shoes. I can't believe it, the color is perfect for this project! It's a perfect match in color to what the leather looks like on the doll now. Though, that may change because today I plan on cleaning and conditioning the doll's leather body today.

I was looking at costuming ideas for the doll since that's really my favorite part of doll making. The winning idea right now is a walking or promenade suit. That may be the best match for Diane if she decides to display the doll once I'm finished because it lends itself to fine materials without being "frilly". Though the more I look at the doll the more I'd like to make her an evening dress where I can show off her beautiful shoulders and neckline. Most dolls of her age had socket heads leaving an ugly gap between the shoulder plate and neck. But, this cutie has a one piece head and shoulder plate. It's just a shame to cover that up! I know if it was my doll she'd have a complete trousseau - but I love antique dolls and I can't subject the WHOLE world to my tastes. Or can I? LOL.

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