Sunday, September 9, 2012

Giant Bug

I found a giant bug in my backyard today and freaked out!  I should be used to giant bugs as I live in South Louisiana, but I'm not.

After coming inside and informing my husband of the giant bug we went back out with the camera to take some photos.

If you know what kind of bug this is you'll understand why I now feel a little silly.  It's a cicada.  I had never seen one before - even though we hear them all summer long in Louisiana.  I have seen them before they molt, and I guess that's what I thought they always looked like.

Thank you giant ass bug and Wikipedia for teaching me something new today.


Issabella The Cat said...

Blinking heck! I'm feeling rather thankful we don't get bugs that big in the UK!

Brad Michaelis said...

Cicadas are freaky. They were all around the pool area of the hotel we stayed at last in Palm Springs. Get away from me, bugs!

Karen said...

Issabella - based on that comment I'm considering moving to the UK. lol.

Brad - BUGS!