Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Quilting

Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering how far along with the Double Wedding Ring quilt I am?  Well wonder no longer...

I've been using Free Spirit's paper piecing templates to make my arcs.  However, true to form, I'm not making the quilt as per the directions.  First of all, their finished quilt is just 54x54.  I (personally) feel that a quilt that is too short to cover me is too short to bother making.  I'm making more arcs so that my finished quilt will be closer to 66x78.  I'm also not going to make my four patches all the same; they're going be as scrappy as my rings.

So far I've got 104 of 142 arcs completed.  Soon I'll have to decide if I want the background to be khaki (leading towards), grey (a possibility), or white (not excited about).

Meanwhile - spring keeps knocking at my door.  Oh winter, what happened to you? 

I started trying to propagate one of my African Violets back in November because my mom had expressed an interest in my variegated leaf plant.  According to the instructions I found on-line the little leaves of a new plant should have been visible after about six weeks.  12 weeks later and it's finally showing signs of life.
Aren't those tiny little leaves adorable?


Angela said...

I think you should do a butter yellow as the background. Or a pretty pale aqua or green. Something "neutral" but colorful. I think that would look fabulous with your scrappy quilt.

Cascade Quilts said...

oh, I agree with Angela - something colorful, but neutral still would be awesome! It's gonna be fantastic whatever you choose!!!

Karen said... I'm thinking! :)