Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Puxatony Phil saw his shadow today. 

If you're a regular around here you know that I LOVE fall and winter.  Not so much this year.  It's been too warm.  I know I live in The Deep South and all, but really?  It's been far, far, far to warm for my taste this year.

My indoor garden is loving it though.  It almost makes me long for spring.  Almost.


Anonymous said...

why oh ehy did I buy that coat?

Susie Q said...

Hi Karen, love Groundhog day, put it on my blog too and watched it on the web. I think it is a great tradition. We over here have had no snow this year unlike last but they have now forecast snow over the weekend for us. I don't think it will last but DH is snow warden for our village so may be on call to clear drives for the elderly and at our pharmacy and doctors. So it could be a busy weekend. Love your double wedding ring quilt. Susie x

Karen said...

Marika - you bought that warm coat for the "winter". :D

Susie - thanks for stopping by and leaving me some double wedding ring love. :) Did you get your snow?