Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slow and Steady

Well, I'm getting more accomplished! I feel like I'm swimming in molasses, steady and slow, though. I could blame something other than myself for the slow progress, like the weather, but the truth is I've become overwhelmed with the amount of obligated and self imposed projects on my plate. Fortunately, the New Orleans Civic Symphony's spring concert is this afternoon, then we're basically off for a couple months. There are some summer rehearsals, but those are more fun than work. Taking that off my plate for a couple months might help me get back on track with my sewing. :)

Here's what I have completed in the last couple weeks:

Completed bag for the Goodie Bag Swap

Flying Geese Blocks for Bee Modern Too

A couple more Bento Box blocks for the NOMQG swap

Finally quilting Christmas Pickles

I may put the Bento Box project aside for a little while to focus on Christmas Pickles, the 16 patch quilt top I finished a couple weeks ago, and Jana's quilt. But, honestly, I'm not going to get anything accomplished if I don't get off the computer and sew a little. ;)


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I love the bag you made! Is it your own pattern? BTW seing that Christmas quilt reminds me that I won the Christmas mixtape quilt from you-It has become a favorite and I lovve to cuddle in it! Thanks again!

Karen said...

Thank you, Colleen! I guess I should add where I got the tutorial for the bag. :) I'll add it to the blog, but in the meantime here's were you can find it: Angel Bag Tutorial

I'm glad you're enjoying the Christmas Mix Tape Quilt, that pattern is a fun one to use and obviously I love me some Christmas fabric!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ;) K.

Angela said...

Squeal!! Is it wrong that I particularly love the bottom two pictures because I know they will be coming to me?! Yay!!!

Christine said...

The bag is just perfect - and it's all mine!! You should see the beautiful inside zipper pouch Karen added - it's amazing! Thank you so very much - I completely love BOTH of my bags!!

donnaquilt said...

your projects are all beautiful, but i especially love the bags (i'll be bookmarking the tutorial) and those mod bento blocks!