Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Whiskers!

Well, I've finally finished my Christmas Mod Bento Box! Its scraptacular - and I think, under threat of pain, that I might keep it! Bwaaahahahahhhaaaaa. Kaelin might sic Sir Whiskers MacTavish on me if I kept it. (I sure hope I got Whiskers' name correct or he might sic me himself!) I had originally thought I might keep leading Kaelin on with, "no - the quilt isn't for you". Only to gift it to Whiskers when it was complete, but I can't keep those kinds of giving is WAY to exciting! :D

So, now that the Christmas quilt is complete - what's next? Well, I sat down earlier this morning and tried to list all the projects I've got to finish. First, I have to quilt and bind two quilts for my mom in the next two weeks. Mom sent me a couple lap sized quilt tops she wanted quilted. After calling her (I love you mom!) to review what she wanted I discovered that not only did she want me to quilt them but she also wanted me to add a border to one of the tops, supply the batting and backings, and bind them both. lol - I'm doing all the work! Good thing I like all the steps of quilting and not just the piecing part. She did do the one step I don't love so much - cutting. However, all this work is distracting me from getting my other projects completed. Good thing Robin's birthday is in April, I can gift "Hello Pickles" to her for her birthday!

Besides "Hello Pickles" and mom's "old lady quilts" I have a list of other quilts I need to complete. I may add a the list to my sidebar to help me keep on task. One of the other quilts I need to complete is my Munki Goodness quilt. It is too big to quilt on my little quilting frame so I've had the top sitting around. I've debated sending it out to be quilted, but I really wanted the satisfaction of doing all the work myself. Well, guess what?! There's a local sewing machine shop that is renting out time on their long arm! Yippee! I took the silly little class and am now "certified" (ya - in more ways than one) to rent their machine. Munki Goodness will be complete before the end of March! Yipeeeeee!

Oh, I almost forgot - I'd like to send a shout out to my friend Marika who loaned me some frakkin' awesome creeptastic cross-stitch charts! Halloween stitching will commence shortly! Marika, you're the bomb!


Angela said...

Yep...we're all certified now. ;)

Susie Q said...

The Christmas quilt is wonderful. I love the colors and when you see the close up you see all the different prints. I have some Christmas material and was going to make mug rugs, I may change my mind now. Good luck with the other projects. Susie