Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's been a whole month since I blogged. Where did the time go?

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that the new year brings you all health, wealth, and happiness. :)

So, I've been doing some thinking the last month. I had more time on my hands since I decided to put up the sewing machine for December...that won't last long though - it's coming back out today or tomorrow.

About the thinking though. I've got a ton of interests. A TON. And, I seem to be pretty good at the things I am interested in. In the next year I'm going to try to focus a little less on the quilting (not stopping by any means) but to try to finish up some long standing other projects and maybe get the porcelain slip back out and fire up the kiln. Oh, I'm excited! So, if antique reproduction dolls aren't your thing and you're following my blog, then I apologize in advance. But I promise even if it's not your thing it's still interesting stuff and I'm a total nut job about the costuming part. Go figure - it's sewing!

To give you a little idea about how different my own personal tastes are here's a little sample of what came in the mail for me today.

Bran's not all that excited that all these things came for me today. One - because it's just 2 weeks after Christmas and Two - it's only 4 days before my birthday. lmao. I'm a mess.

Here's the deal - that fabulous fabric is from Starlit Nest on Etsy - she has a cute little scrap bag of the month thing going on. Cute, right? More scrap quilts coming your way with that. The glasses are vintage Ruby flashed, old fashioned right? Maybe - but I love it and it's perfect in my dining room at Christmas. With these three I finally have a full 12 of those goblets. Ya, I've got more than that though - I've got wine glasses and sherbet dishes and serving pieces and salt and pepper shakers and...oh never mind, I've got a butt load. And the Star Trek soundtrack? I'm a big old sucker for science fiction and kick ass soundtracks. Must be my own personal wiring of nerd and classical musician. If you're a big science fiction/kick ass soundtrack kind of person too check out Bear McCreary's soundtrack for the new Battle Star Galactica. Season 3 is my favorite - he's frakkin' awesome.

Enough of that though. I'm gonna go finish another load of laundry, get more Christmas stuff packed up and in the attic, and then drag out the sewing machine.


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mab said...

Love the picture! It shows you're well-rounded. I read some blogs of other quilty people and they finish something like 3,000 quilts a year. This means they have no diversity of life. You, however, finish lots of pretty quilts while drinking wine from lovely vintage glasses and listening to a kick ass futuristic sci fi soundtrack. This is diversity of life! :)

Can't wait to see your other crafty endeavors! (Or your Star Trek and wine-soaked quilting results....)