Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elf Yourself!

The weekend is coming to a close and Bran and I have been super busy! We got the tree up this afternoon. When I say up, I mean just the tree. The extra twinkly lights, bubble lights, and 8 billion ornaments will have to wait until later. I've also got the mantle decorated, sans the ornaments that hang from the swag and stockings...but that's easy stuff.

I started soaking fruit for my grandmother's fruit cake last night. Bran's super excited about that...he LOVES fruitcake. LOVES.

I went to rehearsal yesterday and Bran got some shopping done. He's the man.

Meanwhile...back in Christmas Land I did this:

I nearly died laughing the first time I saw it. OMG...could I not have found a better photo of Bran? That thing kills me. (The other elves are my brother, mom, and dad.)

Do you know how popular ugly Christmas sweaters are? There's a whole sub-culture of ugly Christmas sweater people. Well, I decided to go to ebay and do some looking and I found a couple. Actually one's pretty nice and the other, well the other is just the PERFECT kind of ugly Christmas sweater! Go to eBay and search "ugly Christmas sweater" there are TONS of them. I'm not kidding. Do it. Do it NOW. My niece, Cat, suggested that I store them in the attic where, hopefully, squirrels will eventually eat them. :D

I should probably be in the shower because I've got to leave in 45 minutes for a performance. But, I'm too lazy. Besides, no one cares how a violist looks. I'm also kinda dreading the Wagner piece, which I probably should have spent some time practicing. Oh well, too late now. Besides, no one cares how a violist sounds either. lmao!


Mary Millicent Mayfield said...

You bought that sweater from me! I just looooooved it, but after eating too many cheetos and holiday cheese balls, it was too snug. The kitties looked a bit too distorted. So, I decided to sell it so another lovely lady who shares my passion for cats could enjoy it. I'm so glad it found you! I was going to bedazzle it, but didn't have the time. I would suggest that rhinestone accents would truly bring the party to this lovely sweater.


P.S. You have other cat-loving friends whose name starts with M? That's so funny! I have a friend named Margaret who owns 85 cats. Do you know her?

mab said...

Store them wrapped in paper smeared with peanut butter and birdseed and you'll definitely attract something to eat the sweater....!

Jana Edwards said...

I love the Elf Yourself. The picture of Bran in priceless! We miss you guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!