Friday, December 3, 2010

As Promised...

I promised weeks ago to post photos of the quilts I completed in November. Well, this is that post! But first...

I started another Christmas Bento Box a couple weeks ago. I'm sure I blogged about it. It's intended as a gift to a new friend who loves crazy Christmas stuff as much as I do. However, between being sick sick sick, losing my little dog, and a concert/rehearsal schedule from hell this week, I don't think I'm going to complete this quilt before Christmas. Besides I've got to get my sewing stuff down for the rest of the month so I can get the Christmas stuff up. So friend who doesn't know this quilt is for her...I hope you can wait until after Christmas for this fabulous gift.

Here are 8 of the 12 blocks needed for the quilt. I'll probably finish up the last 4 this weekend.

And as promised: my finished quilts! I know the photos aren't great, but hey live with it until I get better photos taken. :D

Christmas Mod Bento Box

Cheesy Cat Quilt for my mom. (Moms like cheesy.)

Mod Bento Box II

I love the Mod Bento Box and have been using it for 2 weeks. lol. It is the perfect nap quilt. Perfect. It's long enough to cover my feet and head (yes I'm weird like that) and wide enough to fit my middle. Besides all that, it's the perfect weight and softness! Ya me. lol.

Bran's itching to go Christmas shopping. He wants me to with him tonight. I don't want to though, I'd rather watch tv and have a drink. Besides, I baked him a pumpkin pie this afternoon (his favorite) isn't that enough? I mean really, he's so demanding, oh, and controlling. lmao!


Kaelin said...

I really don't wanna get my hopes up or be presumptuous....but I would seriously pee my pants if this is for me!!! I'm fighting back the temptation to flap my hands in excitement right now!!! Remain calm Kaelin, remain calm. Karen has other friends who love Christmas.

Mary Millicent Mayfield said...

Dear Karen,
I discovered your delightful blog by searching for the words cheesy and cat quilt in the google. I enjoy eating cheesy snacks while snugging under adorable cat quilts. In fact, I prefer all of my quilts to feature cats prominently. So do my cats. In fact, Mr. McTiggleBottoms (the feisty calico) is climbing over my lap right now to get to my cheesy cheetos. He only gets on my lap when I have my favorite primary colored cat quilt.

I am not much of a fan of these "Mod" quilts. And what is a Bento box? Perhaps if you made it all in cat fabrics I would like it. Oh! Mr. McTiggleBottoms agrees!

I'll be reading more to see what other delightful cat creations you come up with!

Eily said...

Kaelin, you crack me up girl friend. I think you might be getting a package of Depends for Christmas.

Mary, funny...your name(s) start with "M". I have a fellow cheesy cat lover friend who's name also starts with "M". Coincidink? I think not. If you love that cheesy cat quilt you're gonna love the Cheesy Christmas Cat sweater I JUST bought on ebay. As soon as that puppy (or kitty?) is delivered I'll post some pics. :D