Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bottled Rainbows

It's Angela's fault. Really. lol. OK - it's not Angela's fault. There isn't a person in the world that can make me do something I don't really want to do, so it's really my own decision to join along in the Bottled Rainbows quilt along.

Keeping in fashion with my rebel personality, however, I'm not "following directions". lol. Directions are overrated. Try everything once, keep true to yourself, and bend the rules at every opportunity. That's me!

I'm quilting along but here's where I'm changing it up: I wanted to use as much from my stash as possible, so I'm using a Kona Roll-Up. Because the roll-up won't allow me to make the blocks the same size as directed mine will be square and in the colorway of the roll-up. The only thing I've had to purchase was the background fabric, and I had just used up the end of my Kona snow so I was ordering more of that anyways. ;)

Basically - I'm following the technique only and the rest of the directions loosely. :) Surprised? You shouldn't be.

Look at this yumminess:

Double rainbow, what does it mean??? lol.

Besides this new project I'm finishing up the Hello Pickles quilt top and another little "between" project that I keep picking at occasionally.


Victoria Paige said...

That is the definition of yummyness.

Love all the rainbow stuff that's going on right now.

Angela said...

teehee! you know you want to be me! ;) I think it's a great idea to do this with a roll up. Honestly that shouldn't change the dimensions too much if you wanted to keep it a rectangle...but you go and be your little rebellious self. I can't wait to see those scraps close up! I'm just imagining the yumminess.

Kaelin said...

HAHA! I LOVE that you referenced the double rainbow video! Did you watch the clip of him on Jimmy Kimmel?

Eily said...

Thanks, Victoria. :)

Angela - who wouldn't want to be you? :)

Kaelin - nope, missed him on Jimmy. Someday I'll be living in a trailer outside Yosemite, quilting and being amazed by double rainbows all the way across the sky. :D