Monday, June 14, 2010

One More Square

OK, I was going to get my Mod Bento Box squares in the mail on Friday, but then I decided to make just one more square. lol. What a great excuse for fabric shopping! A couple of the girls at work told me about a quilting shop in the area that I was unaware of, so I found my way over there on Friday afternoon. It carried pretty traditional fabrics. Though I did find a couple of things I liked. :)

Here is the extra block I made:

And, here are the four quarters I'm keeping for myself:


Anonymous said...

I love the blocks that you put together. It makes the trauma of you cutting them much easier to handle.


Eily said...

Thanks! I'm thinking of using the pattern again and not cutting the blocks up. But, I'm also thinking of doing a hundred other things too. lol.