Monday, June 28, 2010

More 60 Blocks of Summer

Last week and over the weekend I completed blocks 10 - 34 for my 60 BoS. I used more of my scraps from Heather. This quilt is 50"x50". Which, I guess, is a pretty odd size. But I figure it can be a lap quilt, a toddler quilt, or a picnic quilt. Wouldn't it make an adorable picnic quilt? I may have a give away for the finished quilt. That's still paying it forward, isn't it? :)

Next thing is to get these quilt tops on my frame and get them quilted up.

Yesterday I also tackled Oh, Fransson's pocket potholder tutorial. My friend Jim had gifted me with the groovy vintage fabric that was used as the block's centers. I've been waiting for the perfect project for that fabric. Don't they make cute potholders? I haven't finished the project though. Last night I went to bind them and discovered they're too thick for my sewing machine. lol. I'm going to try using one of my vintage machines later, but last night I was so frustrated that I just stopped. If I had followed her instructions exactly it might not have been a problem, but I used insulbrite instead of canvas, and I think it made the potholders way too thick. I could just leave the "pocket" off and make them into regular potholders. What do you think?


Heather said...

who knew a big o'le box of scraps could look soooo cute!! YOU must keep this one!! YOU MUST!! i'd be sooo sad if you didn't!! ;)

xo, Heather

Eily said...

lol. Thanks, Heather. I've got at least 3 more little piles separated from that box for quilts. I think later today I'll start in on another pile - maybe something with half triangle squares... :)