Thursday, March 29, 2012

insane piecing

Here is the result of last week's insanity.  I had finished the arcs for my double wedding ring and wasn't really in the mood to move on to the next step.  Besides, my scrap bin was demanding more attention.  I finished this 16 x 16 block and made a few other little blocks before cleaning the whole mess of scraps up.  Finally, all my scraps are currently in one bin and the lid closes!  That won't last long though.  :)

So what will I be doing with this?  I'll be recovering the throw pillow my little dachshund uses as a bed with it.  No, my dogs are not spoiled.  I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.

My little green corner got a little greener this week as well.  When my parent's were visiting at Christmas my dad and I got to talking about the baskets of fuchsias that he and my grandmother both had back home.  He said that he thought they might do well in my green corner so I ordered a couple on-line.  They don't ship until spring, so they showed up last week.  Have you ever had plants delivered by UPS?  I had not.  They have been re-potted and are doing quite well.   

This week I finished a quilt! 

I finished the quilt top and quilted it last fall. Hand sewing the binding is all that has been lacking since Christmas. I left that step thinking I'd have something to do while my machine was up for the season. But, I obviously found other things to do with my time. After the quilt has received it's "crinkly good" wash I'll take some more (and hopefully better) photos of it. Oh, and Bette, she had to be all over me while I was trying to get some photos.  No, not spoiled.  ;)


Anonymous said...

I love your new banner! So cute - a best of! The quilt is of course gorgeous!

Karen said...

Thanks, M! I hope I get to see you this weekend. :)